About Sputnik

Hotspot system

SputnikNet enables Wi-Fi service providers to manage hotspot networks of any size, easily, affordably, over the web. Providers get the flexibility to offer free, paid, or advertising-supported Wi-Fi services under their own brand.

Over 10,000 networks

Our service provider customers have deployed over ten thousand networks in more than 100 countries using Sputnik technology, authenticating millions of end users.

This might lead you to ask a couple of questions, such as: why did they choose Sputnik? And, why haven’t I heard of you guys before?

Wi-Fi network management
Our customers tell us they choose Sputnik for two main reasons: flexible control—over branding, authentication, network policies, device management—and because Sputnik is the most affordable professional hotspot solution on the planet.

As to the second question, we don’t impose our brand on our customers’ networks, so we’re often a best kept secret—and some of our customers would like to keep it that way. Not everyone, though—we’re beginning to profile many of our customers here.

Sputnik products

  • SputnikNet is the world’s leading web application for running Wi-Fi hotspots over the internet. SputnikNet’s intuitive interface combines powerful network and device management with flexible control over branding, authentication and Wi-Fi user experience.

  • SputnikNet Express is our free version for single-site hotspots. It doesn’t have the rich feature set that SputnikNet does, but for many venues, it’s the hotspot solution of choice.

  • Sputnik-Powered Wi-Fi devices, running Sputnik Agent firmware, can be managed centrally and securely from any web browser using SputnikNet or SputnikNet Express. Hundreds of third-party Wi-Fi access points are compatible with Sputnik, giving you a wide range of choices.

Our vision

Broadband wireless internet everywhere— that’s a given.

Wi-Fi captive portals
But at the “edge” of the network, where a customer gets online using Wi-Fi, there is an extraordinary opportunity for service providers and venues to make personal, one-to-one connections.

Cafes, airport lounges, doctor’s offices, hotels, conference centers, army bases— different venues have different goals; they may want to increase foot-traffic, burnish their brand, provide special offers to frequent visitors, educate customers about their products or services, or just generate revenue from paid Wi-Fi service.

Whatever their goal, SputnikNet gives venues and providers the flexibility to engage customers with Wi-Fi that delivers their brand.

Why call it Sputnik?

On October 4, 1957, Russia (then known as the U.S.S.R.) launched the world’s first man-made satellite— Sputnik 1— from the Baikonur Kosmodrome in Kazakhstan. Stunned by the sudden dawn of the Space Age, the world listened spellbound as Sputnik I broadcast an eerie signal that was easily monitored by amateur radio receivers.

At Sputnik we believe that the rapid spread of unlicensed wireless networking—combined with powerful mobile computing devices—will mark a no less significant milestone in the history of human communication. We envision a world in which broadband wireless connectivity enables people to take for granted rich connections to email, the web, instant messaging, social networking services, and yet undreamed of Internet goodies.