Privacy Policy

Sputnik is strongly committed to the confidentiality of your personally identifiable information and has instituted certain protective measures to protect such information, including the adoption of the following Privacy Policy, which describes the personally identifiable information that Sputnik collects about you at this Site and how Sputnik uses and protects such information.


Acquisition of Personally Identifiable Information

Sputnik does not acquire any more personally identifiable information about you than is required by law or is otherwise necessary to provide a high level of service efficiently and securely. Such information may include, but is not limited to the information described herein.

Use of Personally Identifiable Information

Sputnik uses your contact information to provide you with high quality service. Such use includes, but may not be limited to verifying your authority to access certain portions of the Site, sending you notifications of special offers or new offerings targeted to your interests, contacting you when reasonably necessary and other uses described herein. You may opt-out from receiving any information that is not necessary for your use of the Site by contacting us at the email address provided below.

Sputnik Employees and Privacy

Sputnik informs all Sputnik employees about the importance of privacy. Sputnik gives access to personally identifiable information only to those employees who require it to perform their jobs.

Security Measures

Sputnik makes access to personally identifiable information subject to rigorous procedural and technological controls, consistent with legal requirements and the demands of customer service.

Disclosure to Third Parties

It is Sputnik's policy to never provide your personally identifiable information to third parties without your express permission or if such disclosure is necessary to process transactions or provide services which you have requested. The only exception to this policy is if Sputnik is compelled to do so by an appropriately empowered governmental authority.

Personally Identifiable Information

The Site may require visitors (general visitors to the Site) and customers (visitors with passwords that allow them to go to the password-restricted areas of the Site) to provide contact information (for example, name and email or IP address), unique identifiers (for example, username, password, address, browser type) and financial information (for example, billing methods and account or credit card numbers for purchases). Sputnik uses your contact information to create access to products and services on the Site, to map regional network availability, track aggregate bandwidth usage for billing purposes, and to send you information about Sputnik. Your contact information is also used to contact you when necessary. Financial information that is collected is used to check the your qualifications and bill either you or your company for products and services, as applicable.

Corporate Data

Protecting the privacy of a customer's personally identifiable information is a top priority; however, Sputnik also considers the protection of each customer's sensitive corporate data to be of utmost importance. Sputnik uses diligent efforts to ensure that the use and access of such data is limited to the company for which that customer works or has authorization to access by using a company-specific password, and that such data is not accessed by unauthorized persons.

Nature of Information Acquired

The personally identifiable information Sputnik acquires in processing payment transactions varies according to the nature of the transaction and the way in which merchants or financial institutions are using Sputnik's payment services. More often, it may include the amount of the transaction, and your name, credit card number and expiration date, checking account number, billing address, and shipping address.

Information/Data Center Security

Sputnik stores transaction information on secure computers located in a locked data center. Only a small number of Sputnik employees involved in the management of the data center have physical access to these computers. Where possible, Sputnik encrypts information stored on Sputnik computers as a further measure of protection. Sputnik uses high industry standards in the acquisition and deployment of firewalls and other security technology to prevent Sputnik computers from being accessed by unauthorized persons.

Use of Cookies

To facilitate your use of this Site, Sputnik uses session "cookies." A cookie is a small amount of data that Sputnik's servers transfer to your browser and that only Sputnik's servers can read. When you log onto this Site, the cookie file captures your IP address, unique session identifier number and other session data to enable you to traverse through this Site's various screens without having to authenticate yourself at each new screen or input duplicate information. No other personally identifiable information is captured in the cookie file, nor is any information permanently transferred to the user's system.

Access by Our Employees

Sputnik customer service representatives have access to some transaction information in order to respond to your questions. Sputnik limits that access to the minimum information required in order to provide prompt, high quality service. For example, these Sputnik employees do not generally have access to complete credit card numbers. In general, Sputnik employees who do have access to Sputnik databases generally only retrieve data for supporting Sputnik customers' data or individual transactions, and not about individual customers.

Provision of Information to Others

To perform the Sputnik services, Sputnik must, of course, pass information about transactions to payment card processors and banks. From time to time Sputnik may also provide third parties with aggregate information that is not linked to you or any other any particular individual. Sputnik does not provide to any third party your name and e-mail address, or the names and e-mail addresses of other Sputnik customers.

Policy Changes

Sputnik reserves the right to update this Privacy Policy from time to time. Any changes to this policy will be posted on this site. Please review this Privacy Policy regularly for updates and changes.

If you have questions about this Privacy Policy, please email Sputnik’s webmaster at ObscureMyEmail.