Industry Solutions

Get Started with Wi-Fi
SputnikNet software enables Wi-Fi service providers to build, manage and grow hotspot networks in a wide range of industries.

Cafes & Restaurants

Wi-Fi helps cafes and restaurants:
Wi-Fi in Cafes
  • gain new customers
  • increase off-peak traffic
  • build customer loyalty
  • run cost-effective marketing campaigns
SputnikNet makes it easy for single stores or large chains to bring the benefits of managed Wi-Fi to their patrons. Offer free Wi-Fi, paid Wi-Fi, or link Wi-Fi access to purchase. Limit time or bandwidth. Ensure customer’s security and offer family-friendly content filtering. Find out why hundreds of cafes and restaurants have chosen SputnikNet as their Wi-Fi solution. Learn more...


Wi-Fi in Education
Today’s students need connectivity in the classroom, across campus, in the library and in dorm rooms. SputnikNet provides the most affordable centrally managed and secure solution for campus-wide Wi-Fi connectivity. With SputnikNet, schools can easily create and enforce network access policies for students, faculty, staff and campus visitors. Learn more...


Wi-Fi in Entertainment
Movie theaters, sporting venues, concert arenas and fairgrounds bring people together and also bring people online with Sputnik-powered Wi-Fi. Venues can use WI-Fi to brand their event, survey customers, run promotions and contests, and help customers engage with their web site, Facebook page, or Twitter feed. Learn more...


Wi-Fi at Events
SputnikNet is perfect for quick setup networks, and has been deployed at numerous trade shows, events and conferences. With plug-and-play provisioning and full control over branding and access restrictions, SputnikNet makes it easy to offer a Wi-Fi amenity that conference attendees truly appreciate. Learn more...


Wi-Fi in Healthcare
Wi-Fi is not only a powerful tool for healthcare professionals—it is the cure for boredom in the waiting room. SputnikNet provides HIPAA-compliant, fully secure Wi-Fi that keeps patients patient, and guests feeling welcome. SputnikNet’s per-user, dynamic firewalls protect patients’ privacy while keeping internal network resources secure. Learn more...


Wi-Fi in Hotels, Motels, and Resorts
SputnikNet makes guests feel both comfortable and connected everywhere from roadside motels to five-star luxury resorts. Offer free, paid or any variation of Wi-Fi experience in hotel guest rooms, conference rooms, business centers, lobbies, poolside patios. SputnikNet provides centralized management and security. Learn more...


Municipal Wi-Fi and Hotzones
Wi-Fi in a park or shopping district is a well-appreciated amenity that draws locals and visitors alike. SputnikNet makes it easy and affordable to set up outdoor “hotzones”. Offer free Wi-Fi sponsored by local merchants. Limit time or bandwidth, and add family-friendly content filtering. Learn more...

Places of Worship

Wi-Fi in Churches, Synagogues and Mosques
Wi-Fi is popular everywhere people gather, whatever the occasion. Churches, mosques, synagogues and temples use SputnikNet to offer family-friendly Wi-Fi to their communities for use before and after service. Learn more...


Wi-Fi in Retail
Retailers use Wi-Fi to increase productivity of staff and vendors—and to draw customers in and deliver an experience that reinforces their brand. SputnikNet enables full control over the Wi-Fi customer experience, security and centralized management. Learn more...


Wi-Fi in Transportation
Wi-Fi in transportation hubs is now an expected amenity. The challenge is giving customers a great experience. Whether that means branded captive portals, video “ads for access”, paid Wi-Fi plans, authenticating customers with Wi-Fi roaming plans—or a mixture of all of these—SputnikNet makes it possible. Learn more...