Running Cisco E2000 and E3000 at 400 mW transmit power

Sputnik-Powered Linksys/Cisco E2000s and E3000s using free Sputnik-default DD-WRT firmware (available here) are factory set to a transmit power of 100 mW.

But under most conditions you can safely and stably run these devices at 251 mW by increasing the power setting from within the device's local web interface or via SputnikNet. NOTE: this translates to an EIRP of 400 mW when taking into account antenna gain.*

To do this safely you'll need Sputnik-default DD-WRT firmware and a Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Supply/Inserter with input 90-264VAC, Output 12V.

poe injector

We sell such a PoE supply/inserter on our online store, here .

Here's how to make the 251 mW / 400 mW EIRP setting.

From SputnikNet choose "Config/Routers", select the router whose power you want to change, enter the value in the "Power" field and click "Save Settings".

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From the local DD-WRT interface select "Wireless/Advanced Settings", enter the value in "TX Power", click "Save" and then "Apply Settings". (Note: you won't be allowed to make this setting unless you're running Sputnik-default DD-WRT firmware and your device is capable of running at that transmit power.)

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Important: use this setting with care. You can harm a device by running it at too high of a transmit power setting. If the device appears hot, you may want to throttle back. However, taking the proper precautions, 251 mW can work great with Sputnik-powered Linksys/Cisco E2000s and E3000s.

*251 mW is equivalent to 24 dBm. With 2 dBi gain antennas, that equates to 26 dBm. Converting 26 dBm back to mW (as the decibel scale is logarithmic) yields 398 mW.