Introducing the Sputnik 320: Powerful, Flexible Indoor-Outdoor Wi-Fi Hotspots

Want to offer Wi-Fi in a hotel? A hotspot in a school? Wireless broadband in a train station, regional airport or other transportation hub? Or any public gathering spot where you want the flexibility of being able to place your Wi-Fi access points indoors or outdoors?
Here's our solution: the Sputnik 320, a rugged, high-powered indoor/outdoor 802.11N Wi-Fi access point that is also a cloud-managed hotspot-in-a-box solution.
And here's how we make them. First, we take the 802.11 a/b/g/n router board from a Cisco e2000. This is a powerful, brilliantly engineered Wi-Fi router that includes a high-performance Broadcom BCM4717 processor running at 354 MHz.
We lovingly enclose the board in a rugged, weatherproof indoor/outdoor enclosure. Now the e2000 can go outside and play, even in the most demanding climates. Yes, even Canada.
We add a 7 dBi omnidirectional antenna with 5 degree downtilt and a Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) adapter. This gives you great coverage and the flexibility to place the device anywhere you want.
We flash the board with Sputnik-Powered DD=WRT firmware. This makes the Sputnik 320 ready to plug-and-play into a centrally managed hotspot network. It also gives you the ability to increase the device's power up to 251 mW, giving you a strong, clear signal that can penetrate walls, foliage and other obstacles.
We pre-provision the device to your SputnikNet account, so that when you receive it, all you need to do is supply power and broadband-- the device comes up automatically with all of its settings - power output, channel, SSID, captive portal, authentication systems, network policies and more. We also pre-test the device on your SputnikNet account before it ships.
With SputnikNet, the Sputnik 320 is a superb, easy-to-manage solution for free Wi-Fi, advertising-supported Wi-Fi, or paid Wi-Fi (you set your own rate plans and keep all the money - Sputnik doesn't take a cut). You can manage one or thousands of Sputnik 320s (and we would really like it if you'd do that) from a simple Web interface, from anywhere in the world.
All of this for $249.95 from our online store. You can also purchase the Sputnik 320 as a starter kit with a SputnikNet Account and pre-paid monthly or annual subscription at a discount .
The Sputnik 320 is already in service in hotels, convenience stores and other businesses, and is proving to be a dependable, powerful and affordable Wi-Fi hotspot controller.
Posted via email from Sputnik, Inc. Blog