Announcing Sputnik-Powered Ubiquiti Unifi AC Long Range

Customers love Ubiquiti access points. Sputnik-powered firmware and SputnikNet service turns them into cloud-managed, access-controlled Internet gateways ideal for hotspot networks.

We just added the Ubiquiti Unifi AC Long-Range Wi-Fi device to our lineup. This unobtrusive smoke-detector style device packs enormous Wi-Fi AC power into a small, affordable form factor. At $149.95 the device is comparable to Wi-Fi routers costing many times that much.

As with all devices sold by Sputnik, we pre-flash them with Sputnik-Powered DD-WRT firmware, purchase DD-WRT Professional Activation (a €20 value), pre-provision it to your SputnikNet account. We also run the router through a hands-on test cycle to ensure it operates properly in your account.

That means all you need to do is plug it into Internet and you have a cloud-managed captive-portal Wi-Fi hotspot.

To celebrate we lowered the price of the Sputnik-Powered Ubiquiti Unifi Long-Range to $119.95. This device is great for slightly smaller networks where Wi-Fi AC isn't needed.

PayPal Authentication System updates and bug fixes

It's the shortest day of the year, and we pushed out some bug fixes before 2016. Here's the changelog:

PayPal Authentication System
  • PayPal authentication process no longer generates superfluous DNS requests
  • Optional customer-requested email address now overrides default PayPal account email
  • Old admin-created accounts work properly
  • Admin-created accounts that don't include an active PayPal product work properly
  • User limits are correctly enforced if allow duplicate logins is checked
Miscellaneous Fixes
  • Session Monitor Window properly displays all types of client sessions
  • Session accounting works on all supported customer-provisioned routers
  • Intermittent CRM (customer survey) display error fixed
  • Session search field works properly in MANAGE > Sessions
  • User Authentication System properly displays group membership checkboxes
  • Device Authentication System displays all registered MAC addresses

SputnikNet Updates: Guest Authentication and Time Zone Support

Here are the latest SputnikNet updates.

Guest Authentication System
  • Guest Authentication now offers ratable (periodic) bandwidth limits; you can limit accounts to a defined amount of bandwidth per day (or any other time interval). In any Guest Authentication System, see Settings > Limits: Bandwidth Limit.
Timezone Updates
  • We rewrote the underlying timezone support system. Please see our changelog for details.

Facebook Authentication System Updates


We've made some changes to the Facebook authentication system to reflect policy updates at Facebook.

Please review our changelog for specific information.

New SputnikNet Usage Reports

We've added a number of reports that can send information to customers periodically (e.g. hourly/daily/weekly/monthly/yearly).

  • Session operating system and browser breakdown
  • Usage report (summary number of sessions, unique clients, and bandwidth usage)
  • Detailed session report (all SputnikNet session data in given time period)
Reports can be sent as HTML, CSV and JSON. To sign up for SputnikNet reports please open a case.