Sputnik Partners

Sputnik is compatible with gear from leading OEM Hardware Partners.
Sputnik works actively with leading Software Partners to build cutting-edge Wi-Fi solutions.
Sputnik Advertising Partners are enabling new, advertising-supported Wi-Fi business models.
Sputnik End-User Support Partners can offer 24x7 support for your Wi-Fi users, under your brand.
Wi-Fi content filtering
Wi-Fi access points
Hotspot system
Sputnik Service Provider Partners help you offer a custom Wi-Fi experience for your customers, under your brand.

Sputnik Hardware Resellers carry a wide range of Sputnik-powered Wi-Fi devices.
The Sputnik Partner Program gives you the tools, resources, training, and support you need for effective sales and revenues.

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Hotspot system
Wi-Fi billing
Wi-Fi advertising