Support for Sputnik-Flashed Routers

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You can find a list of routers currently sold by Sputnik ("Sputnik-Powered Routers") here.

Support level

  • We flash, pre-provision and test Wi-Fi routers before we ship them to you.
  • We stand behind the devices we sell with a 30-day return policy and one-year warranty.
  • We provide technical support for routers sold by Sputnik.
Support scope

  • Router hardware
  • Sputnik-powered firmware
  • SputnikNet

Support for Customer-Flashed Routers

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Many other routers are capable of running the Sputnik Agent as part of DD-WRT firmware. The list is long; unfortunately we can't test them all.

Support level

  • We're unable to provide technical support for routers that we don’t sell.
Support scope

  • Router hardware (no support)
  • Sputnik-powered firmware (no support)
  • SputnikNet†
†Sputnik Agent must be enabled, and device connected to your SputnikNet account.

Before You Flash Your Device

Reflashing your access point may violate the manufacturer’s warranty and, if performed incorrectly, could render it inoperable. Proceed at your own risk.

Follow flash upgrade instructions carefully. Sputnik does not provide free support for customer-flashed devices. If you are uncomfortable flashing your own AP, consider purchasing pre-flashed hardware from the Sputnik online store.