1. Get a SputnikNet account

Follow these six steps to build your cloud-managed Wi-Fi hotspots.
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A single SputnikNet account lets you manage as many hotspots as you want, all from a unified web interface.

Sign up for SputnikNet on our online store and you're good to go.

2. Subscribe devices to your account

Plug a Sputnik-powered AP into broadband and enter your SputnikNet account name into the Instant Setup page. That's it—you can manage your AP over the web, from anywhere.
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Router List

Grow your network with Sputnik-powered Wi-Fi access points (APs) and gateways. Or, flash compatible Wi-Fi gear with free Sputnik Agent firmware.

3. Design captive portals

You have flexible control over every facet of the Wi-Fi customer experience and branding.

SputnikNet provides a full suite of design tools that enable you to create beautiful captive portals and welcome pages—as many as you need.

You can easily create responsive portals that scale beautifully from laptop to smartphone.
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4. Set up authentication systems

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Authentication systems are the ways your customers log onto your network.

For example, users can log in with their Facebook credentials or "Like" to login. Or they can provide a guest code, pay with a credit card or PayPal, or simply click to log in.

SputnikNet lets you set up as many authentication systems as you need, and for each, set user time, bandwidth limits and other policies.

5. Apply authentication systems to portals, assign portals to routers

The basic idea behind Sputnik is:

  • manage one or many routers
  • create one or many portals
  • create one or many authentication systems
Then simply:

  • apply authentication systems to portals
  • apply portals to routers
That's it. Now your customers see a portal and authenticate as you define. Of course you can also add time and bandwidth limits, network policies, surveys and more.
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6. Grow your network

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SputnikNet gives you control over all your Wi-Fi APs and your network as a whole. At a glance you can see how many APs are active on your network, how many users are on each AP, how long they've been online, how much bandwidth they've been using, and much more.

As your network grows, add more APs and subscriptions. You pay based upon the number of access points subscribed to your account. SputnikNet has no per-user or transaction fees:

  • Standard access points/routers: $19.95/month
  • High-volume network gateways: $49.95/month
  • Managed range extenders: free
  • View SputnikNet pricing