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Quickly build and operate geographically dispersed hotspot networks of any size.

Engage customers with responsive portals, social login, online surveys, presence analytics and more.

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  • $49.95 one-time account setup
  • $19.95/ month or $199.50/year per router
  • Free cloud-managed range extenders
  • Unlimited users
  • No per-user or transaction fees
  • Provision
  • Manage
  • Secure
  • Design
  • Authenticate
  • Connect
Tab 1

Provision with plug 'n play ease

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Setting up Sputnik-powered devices is easy— plug them into broadband and assign them to your SputnikNet account. They configure themselves and are ready to go.

If a device loses power or is reset, no worries—it will automatically reconnect to your SputnikNet account and reprovision itself—restoring SSID, power, channel, captive portal, security and other network settings. You can even "cloud lock" a router so that SputnikNet automatically overrides any local settings changes.

There are no limits to the number of routers you can manage with SputnikNet. And Sputnik can drop-ship preconfigured routers to multiple locations for plug-n-play provisioning by non-technical personnel.
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Deploy access points anywhere

Sputnik-powered devices can be deployed behind firewalls and multiple levels of NAT (network address translation) with no special configuration. As long as the device can access the Internet, it is instantly provisioned and managed by SputnikNet.
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Use best-of-breed Wi-Fi routers

You have a wide range of routers to choose from, made by the best brand names in the industry: Asus, Belkin, Buffalo, Cisco, Linksys, Netgear, Ubiquiti and more. Purchase pre-configured routers from Sputnik. Or download free Sputnik firmware and flash your own.

You're not locked in. If you ever decide not to use SputnikNet, keep using all your routers as standalone devices, or use other management tools.
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Mesh network? No problem - no extra charge

SputnikNet is the only Wi-Fi cloud management system that allows you to add range extenders and mesh nodes—with full management capabilities—at no extra charge.

Simply connect range extenders wired or wirelessly and assign them a free NMS (network management system) subscription.
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Detect rogue APs

You get remote visibility into access points and client devices near your Wi-Fi networks.

Use this information for network planning, optimizing Wi-Fi radio coverage, or spotting rogue APs.
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Control your entire network from anywhere

Remotely manage Sputnik-powered Wi-FI APs anywhere in the world.

Change your Wi-Fi network's broadcast name (SSID), Wi-Fi channel; modify power output—configure all the details of your local networks from anywhere, over a secure Web interface.

Remotely reboot, ping or flash update firmware on Wi-Fi routers* from any web browser. Quickly view active Wi-Fi sessions, captive portals and network policies applied to any device.

*Some routers don’t have enough memory to remotely flash update and must be updated when directly connected.
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Map your networks

View all of your routers and their status on an interactive map. Zoom in to see router settings.

Set each router's local timezone and keep its clock perfectly synchronized. Schedule Wi-Fi availability during local business hours.
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Define bandwidth limits and quality of service

Define bandwidth limit settings on a router, for any user or group. Set up detailed quality of service (QoS) polices by selecting a pre-built template or build your own.

For example, prioritize voice over IP (VoIP) traffic while throttling back peer-to-peer file sharing protocols.
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Command from the cloud

Remotely execute commands on any AP. Check or modify DHCP lease settings, DNS setup, LAN configuration—whatever you need. Use SputnikNet's pre-built commands or write your own.
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Real-time network and usage reports

SputnikNet comes with powerful reporting tools to track the status of your networks in real time. Track usage by Wi-Fi client or by access point. Get regular reports by email, or download data for analyzing in a spreadsheet.

Gather data for capacity planning or to block bandwidth abusers.
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Instant updates via email, SMS or SNMP

Get updates automatically emailed or texted to you if an AP on your network goes down, changes its IP, or gets a warning.

Even send SputnikNet alerts to your SNMP server for advanced network monitoring and management.
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Utilize flexible access control

Allow employees to access internal networks while blocking guest Wi-Fi users from private networks. Isolate each Wi-Fi user's traffic so that they cannot see other users' sessions.

If you need more fine-grained control over network policies, define allow, deny, port-forwarding and destination NAT policies for your routers, from the cloud.
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Lock down routers

Sputnik's one-click lock down feature disables local management, so the router can only be controlled by SputnikNet. You can also disable the router's reset button. Even if someone gains unauthorized possession of the device, they will be unable to change any settings.

Keep bad guys out

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SputnikNet makes it easy to spot network abusers.

Track, terminate and ban bandwidth hogs from your network.
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Offer kid-safe surfing

SputnikNet helps you build family-friendly hotspots. Use OpenDNS, NortonDNS or custom blacklists to block inappropriate content and phishing scams.
Tab 4
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Burnish your brand

You work hard to give your customers a great experience. SputnikNet enables you to deliver branded Wi-Fi services that meet your business and marketing goals without compromise.
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Design beautiful captive portals, splash pages, welcome pages

Create as many captive portals as you need. Customize welcome pages, redirect pages, walled gardens, blackout pages, terms of service pages and session monitor popups.

You can display the same portal across your entire network or assign specific captive portals to various locations.
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Utilize the latest web technologies

Use css, Javascript and responsive design to create beautiful captive portals that look great on laptops, tablets and smartphones.
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Keep organized with SputnikNet's built-in media library

Upload your graphics, content, html, css and Javascript snippets to SputnikNet's content management library for easy access. Insert graphics into your portals with one click.

You can even conditionally display graphics based upon router location for maximum flexibility.
Tab 5
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Comprehensive authentication methods

SputnikNet gives you access to an unprecedented number of authentication methods, including:

Click-through (and agree to terms of service)
Guest (shared code)
Facebook ("Like" to login)
PayPal/Credit Card (with no per-user or per-transaction fees)
Prepaid (unique code)
RADIUS/Active Directory
SMS (codes texted to your customers' mobile phones)
Device (using MAC address—e.g. kiosks, security cameras, VoIP phones)
DHCP lease (no captive portal, sessions are managed and tracked)
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Create as many authentication methods as you need, and customize each one of them to create the customer experience or business model you want. With SputnikNet, there are never any limits to the number of users you can authenticate and no extra fees for high-volume hotspots.

You can even combine authentication methods. For example, offer 15 minutes of free Wi-Fi followed by paid Wi-Fi for more time. Or combine a shared code for guests with device authentication for members, offering them the ability to skip login and enjoy more time or bandwidth.
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Create an engaging customer experience

Offer free, ad-supported, paid or social-network powered Wi-Fi services—or mix them up—on any access point or across your entire network.
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Powerful payment options

Set up your own rate plans and accept PayPal or credit card payments in more than 144 world currencies.

Keep all of your revenues—Sputnik doesn't take a cut.
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Flexible time or bandwidth limits

Control time and bandwidth limits for all users on a router, for all users logging in through a specific authentication system, or even for specific users you choose. You can also stop users from abusing bandwidth by throttling peer-to-peer file sharing applications.
Tab 6
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Connect with your customers

SputnikNet offers flexible control over the entire marketing process.

Not only can you deliver tailored messages to your customers via customized captive portals, you can learn about your customers with powerful survey tools.
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For example, require that a customer provides their email address before logging in. With SputnikNet's advanced survey features, you can ask optional or required questions every time your customers log in, or after defined intervals.

All of the customer data you collect is available to you for data mining or downloading for use with customer analytics tools.
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Make social connections

SputnikNet makes it easy to connect with your customers' social networks.

With Sputnik's Facebook authentication system, your customers can log in with a Like. You can even request that they post your promotional message to their Facebook wall in return for extra time online.

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Custom reports on demand

Add custom reports as you need them.

You can even have custom-branded usage reports emailed to your venue customers. For example, if you are providing Wi-Fi to coffee shops and chain of hotels, each could receive daily, weekly or monthly usage reports for the access points on their networks.