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Sputnik Agent Firmware

Free Sputnik Agent firmware now runs on hundreds of compatible Wi-Fi devices, enabling them to plug-and-play into centrally managed, access controlled networks powered by SputnikNet.

What is the Sputnik Agent?

Flash Wi-Fi access point
An application-level process responsible for:
  • Communications with SputnikNet
  • Remote telemetry (reporting device health and status)
  • Remote management (provisioning, configuration, upgrade)
  • Captive portal redirect (for user authentication)
  • Dynamic firewalling (based on user policy)
  • Bandwidth tracking

How Sputnik-Default firmware differs from stock DD-WRT firmware

We recommend that you use Sputnik-powered firmware downloaded from our site. Sputnik firmware is optimized for public Wi-Fi. Configuration changes include:

Default IP of (to minimize IP conflict with other devices)
DHCP lease settings for hotspots (100 DHCP leases, 3 hour expiration)
Default power setting of 100 mW
Support for Power over Ethernet (PoE)
Force change router web admin password on first launch
Wi=Fi client isolation enabled by default
Bluetooth coexistance mode enabled by default
Support for remote firmware update
Support for USB caching (requires Pro subscription)