• Run the sputnik installation script to update SCC software
  • # ./scc_install.pl --yum update "Sputnik*" 
  • Check the version of the RPMs
  • # rpm -qa Sputnik*
    (Make sure they are all v3.3.5.0 or above; if not contact us.)
  • Run the sessionusage data migration script (a web server restart may be required to allow it to run). You can safely restart the migration script as needed if it doesn't finish the first time you run it.
  • # /usr/share/kosmos/libexec/scc_upgrade_su --process-all
    [ # /sbin/service httpd restart ]
    Processing vsite: wap (1/1)...
    Checking database structure.  If this section takes too long to process, check
    for database locks (try restarting httpd or scc_mgmtd).
      [wap:sessions] Adding column: session_last_usage_rpt (timestamp with time zone)
      [wap:sessions] Adding column: session_octets_sent (bigint)
      [wap:sessions] Adding column: session_octets_rcvd (bigint)
      [wap:sessions] Adding column: session_packets_sent (bigint)
      [wap:sessions] Adding column: session_packets_rcvd (bigint)
      [wap:sessionusage] Adding column: sessionusage_upgraded (integer)
      [wap] Processing Node 1: Second Avenue (1/8)
        Processing 5 Sessions......done
      [wap] Processing Node 2: HQ Boardroom (2/8)---------------------------------
        Processing 33 Sessions..........10..........20..........30....done
      [wap] Processing Node 3: Little Office (3/8)
        Processing 12 Sessions... 
  • Check to see if you have software overrides, and if so, re-diff them against the new code.
  • # ls /var/www/kosmos/mason/VSITE
  • Remove web server cache (should be in one of the following locations, not both) -- this step is important!
  • # rm -rf /var/mason/obj
    # rm -rf /var/www/kosmos/mason/obj
  • Restart processes
  • # /sbin/service httpd stop
    # /sbin/service scc_mgmtd stop
    # /sbin/service jabberd restart
    # /sbin/service scc_mgmtd start
    # /sbin/service httpd start
  • Test
  • Have an Access Point handy and login through it. Check the admin web pages. Check the end-user login experience. Enjoy.