SputnikNet/Sputnik Control Center updates:

Client Support
  • Improved handling of invalid DHCP messages (lease times, partial addresses, missing magic numbers)
  • Improved client detection when multiple authentication systems are available on a portal
  • Retooled Block Private Net (BPN) support, reversing changes from the previous release. BPN is now set only for authenticated sessions
Administrator Interface
  • User interface fixed when setting protocol field on DNAT rules
  • Fixed detection of some Sputnik AP 120/160/200 platforms that was preventing the reflash button from showing up in the user interface for nodes with older firmware
  • Fixed user interface button bug on Network Policies page when used with Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or 7
  • Added support for port range forwarding (network policy) in addition to forwarding individual ports
  • Fixed display issue with 'Disable Router Provisioning' button on Control Center Settings page (field would not show as checked in some cases)
  • Removed CVT and SNG time zones from menus to prevent conflict in Postgres 8. Users in those time zones should use the GMT offset instead
  • Added improved reporting of client platform type (Vista, OS/2, Amiga, Atari, BeOS, Solaris)
Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Added additional QoS bandwidth options
  • Fixed display of QoS fields for Sputnik Gateway 700 nodes
  • Fixed QoS field display issue in Microsoft Internet Explorer 7
  • Added warning to prevent users from clicking the submit button multiple times or reloading the page while the transaction is being processed
  • Improved the watchdog to better handle restarting httpd processes
  • Improved support for CentOS 4.5
  • Added better handling of auto-vacuuming detection for Postgres 8