SputnikNet/Sputnik Control Center updates:
  • Check for valid e-mail address fixed
  • Fixed idle-timeout related bugs in prepaid card accounting
  • Added optional checkbox for Display Name in client sessions table
  • Made session monitor window smaller; only login, duration, and extras fields
  • Fixed duplicate login checkbox to be sticky and apply correctly
  • Fixed client sessions table to allow more than 10 rows at a time to be displayed
  • Dropped "Change" password button when self-registration disabled for a particular authentication system instance
  • Modified RADIUS module in preparation for roaming features
  • Modified PayPal module to allow a "pre-auth" state (optionally set by admin). This state creates the end-user account even if a successful response to payment is NOT received by the SCC from PayPal. Administrators should be careful using this mode, but it will reduce support burdens for payments that ARE received but a response from PayPal never triggered account creation in the SCC. When the pre-auth state occurs, the end-user must re-login after payment
  • Added expire time to session monitor window for PayPal accounts
  • Added pop-up alert that end-user must confirm to warn of not closing the session monitor. Use of this extra warning is optionally set per authentication system. The default is that this warning will be ON, so administrators must uncheck the option if they don't want the extra warning