SputnikNet/Sputnik Control Center updates:

Important: if you are running Sputnik Control Center on White Box Enterprise Linux (WBEL), we strongly recommend that you upgrade to CentOS 4.7 before installing this release.

New Features
  • PayPal authentication now offers optional bandwidth limits
  • Bandwidth limits for pre-paid and PayPal authentication systems are now set as megabytes, with a maximum value of approximately 10 exabytes
  • OpenDNS integration, enabling free, per-AP content filtering (view documentation)
  • Read-only "viewer" mode in SputnikNet user interface
  • Ability to execute commands on a particular Sputnik-powered device, with presets for common commands
  • Performance and scalability enhancements
  • Improved unauthenticated session handling
  • Guest authentication code shown in display name in client usage reports
  • Variable welcome page timeout
  • SputnikNet Express only: JiWire ads on Welcome Pages
Bug Fixes
  • Improved application of network policies
  • Fixed application of "Block Private Networks" rules
  • Fixed TCP pull-down in policy creation
  • Delete router function now works properly
  • Trend Micro (TMUFE) fix for Vista users having trouble with captive portal logins