SputnikNet version new enhancements include:
  • Ability to add new PayPal user accounts through the SputnikNet interface
  • Out-of-subscription alert that enables administrators to reset router subscription cache (for example, if you swap routers and get an out-of-subscription alert, you can refresh the database of cached MAC addresses, enabling you to provision the new device without an extra subscription)
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a bug that affected user authentication system new user signup
  • Reduced SputnikNet sensitivity to local network hiccups when sending inactive router alerts
  • Implemented better reuse of client session records in the SputnikNet database
  • Updated list of time zones
For customers running Sputnik Control Center:

To upgrade to Sputnik Control Center, first upgrade to as described here; then follow these upgrade instructions.

Important: if you are running Sputnik Control Center on White Box Enterprise Linux (WBEL), we strongly recommend that you upgrade to CentOS 4.7 before installing this release.