SputnikNet/Sputnik Control Center updates:

New feature: basic quality of service (QoS) and bandwidth throttling
  • A checkbox on the "Config Router" page allows users to enable QoS throttling of common peer-to-peer (P2P) services
  • Maximum bandwidth can be set per router
  • These features require DD-WRT firmware, starting with release v24 Beta
Network policies
  • New feature: specify ranges for port forwarding instead of just individual ports
  • New feature: dynamic host name support for walled gardens (requires Sputnik Agent firmware version or above). This allows users to set walled garden rules using hostnames whose IP addresses may change over time.
  • Bug fix: "Block Private Nets" now works when applied to an authentication system
PayPal Module: improved walled garden rules
  • Uses new dynamic walled garden rules to define PayPal hosts. This should correct many of the redirect issues that some customers have experienced since changes to PayPal's network (requires Sputnik Agent firmware version or above)
Miscellaneous updates
  • New menu "Venue Type" on "Config Router" page to help classify AP locations
  • Sputnik Support link now points to Sputnik's new support ticketing system