SputnikNet/Sputnik Control Center updates:

New features
  • Bandwidth caps for pre-paid authentication
  • New "reset firewall" button (enables you to remotely refresh an AP's firewall from SputnikNet)
  • New, easier Sputnik Instant Setup user interface
  • "View saved portal" offers more visibility into registration pages
  • New MSN theme added to SputnikNet Express
  • Performance tweaks
Bug fixes
  • Network polices are displayed in the correct order
  • Duplicate guest login entries are no longer created
  • New SputnikNet sites generate a default captive portal
  • PayPal error with device authentication system fixed
  • Numerous automated update/P2P clients added to block list so that they no longer create sessions
  • Updated PlaceCast URL (for advertising in SputnikNet Express)