SputnikNet/Sputnik Control Center updates:

Support for CentOS 4.4
  • Updated installer script to support Sputnik Control Center on CentOS 4.4 (note: we do not currently support CentOS 5)
  • Improved overall CentOS Support
Support for PostgreSQL 8.2
  • Improved overall PostgreSQL 8.2 support
  • Timezone fixes for Postgres 8 (e.g., removing Isreal from timezone menu due to conflicts with IDT)
  • Vacuum script (scc_dbmaint) deprecated if running under PgSQL8+. Requires --force to run.
PayPal improvements
  • Handle if mc_fee (transaction fee) is undefined from PayPal
  • Hard-coding PayPal IP addresses for walled garden rules until firmware fix (dynamic walled garden rules) is available
  • Improved checking for invalid user names (spaces in user names, invalid characters)
New Guest Module features
  • Blocked Devices: allows an administrator to create a list of MAC addresses to block from authenticating with the Guest module. MAC can still authenticate with other Authentication Systems if available.
  • Access Codes: prompts the user to enter an access code to log in as a Guest. Administrators can add access codes from the web UI or import from a CSV file. Administrators can also define valid time periods that a code can be used.
  • Guest Expiration Interval: requires the user to log in through the captive portal after a specified interval. For example, you can require guests to view captive portal advertising every x minutes.
  • Guest Blackout Period: if an expiration interval is defined, an administrator can optionally set a blackout period where a client (MAC Address) will not be permitted to log in again for the specified interval. For example, you can let a user surf for an hour for free, after which they are blocked for 6 hours.
Miscellaneous improvements
  • Updates to watchdog
  • Fixed node page "Map" button
  • Properly detect validity of email addresses in Node Contact field (to send node inactive emails)
  • Fixed handling of invalid characters in captive portal image file names (single quotes)