Sputnik Agent Firmware 3.4.4

SputnikNet version 3.4.4 is a major update, designed for maximum compatibility and performance with the latest version of SputnikNet (October 2012). New features and enhancements include:

Improved Sputnik Agent Communications

  • Faster Sputnik Agent to SputnikNet communications using updated zlib compression library
  • More robust synchronization of router settings (NVRAM values) with SputnikNet
  • New API for improved performance when propagating changes to routers for per-user bandwidth shaping, router bandwidth QoS, radio settings, radio scheduling, timezone/ntp settings, SSH/telnet/HTTP settings, DHS/DHCP/DNSMasq settings, SPI firewall, ttraf, UPnP and reset button
  • Network interface and router load average data reported every minute to SputnikNet
  • Support for new router performance graphs (MANAGE > Routers > Graphs > Performance)
  • Uplink IP address reported every minute (instead of probed from SputnikNet every hour)
  • Switching Agent mode changes now happen immediately (instead of after two minutes)

Firmware Enhancements

  • Sputnik-powered firmware upgraded to DD-WRT version 17027M, which includes fixes to Rflow, Glib, IPRoute2 and IPtables
  • Revised Sputnik Agent error and status messages in DD-WRT interface for easier troubleshooting
  • New Sputnik defaults added:
    • ttraff off by default - improves router performance
    • upnp off by default - improves router security and performance in low memory conditions

Support for New Routers

  • Web-flash support for Cisco E2500 router