Sputnik Agent Firmware

Sputnik Agent firmware version new features and enhancements include:

  • Default transmit power changed from 71 Mw to 99 Mw
  • Default wireless channel changed from 6 to "Auto" (device will detect channel with least interference)
  • Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) enabled by default
  • IPv6 support enabled by default
  • Enhanced stability when used as a Sputnik Agent NMS repeater (managed range extender)
  • Rapid SputnikNet provisioning
  • Sputnik Agent firmware version displayed in DD-WRT web user interface
  • New Broadcom CFE binaries included (version 1.4.2)
    • BCM91125E
    • BCM91125F
    • BCM91125PCIX
    • BCM91250A
    • BCM91250E
    • BCM91280E
    • BCM91480B
    • BCM91480HT
  • Support for new hardware, including:
    • Cisco E1000