SputnikNet version new features and enhancements include:

  • Improved Quality of Service (QoS) settings with updated priorities for common services, as follows:
    • low-level network protocols (POP3/IMAP/SSH/DNS, etc.) are now set to "Premium" (highest priority)
    • HTTP (web) and Skype are set to "Express" (next level priority)
    • P2P (peer to peer) is set to "Bulk" (lowest priority)
    • everything else is set to "Standard" (the default priority, between "Express" and "Bulk")
  • Added more fine-grained upload/download bandwidth limit options to QoS settings.
  • Added control over "purge unauthenticated session time". This value sets the amount of time a wireless end-user can spend online before they complete a login. If the user exceeds the allotted time, their unauthenticated session is purged from the database and the captive portal reloads with a new session. Setting the value lower will show fewer unauthenticated settings in SputnikNet’s Client Sessions view, but force the end-user to refresh the captive portal if they exceed the time limit. Setting the value higher will show more unauthenticated sessions, but force fewer captive portal reloads. In the default value was changed from 30 minutes to one hour.
  • Router List settings for showing fields and display limit are now preserved across sessions.

Bug Fixes:

  • More fixes to bring SputnikNet into better compliance with UTF-8 character encoding. This will enhance the ability to process PayPal transactions with non-Roman characters.
  • Restored captive portal preview feature (so that authentication systems are displayed embedded within the captive portal preview).
  • Fixed missing node_id problem that occurred when an end-user attempted to log in with an expired session token.
  • Disabled setting "session idle timeout" to less than five minutes. (Setting this value lower can logout end-users too quickly.)
  • Modified calculation of end-user total time online so that it no longer includes the session idle timeout. Instead, the idle timeout value is automatically subtracted from the reported session time.
  • User Authentication System: added help text to clarify the fact that optional sign-up fields are for email address, title, and organization.

For customers running Sputnik Control Center:

To upgrade to Sputnik Control Center, first upgrade to as described in the change log; then follow these upgrade instructions.

Important: if you are running Sputnik Control Center on White Box Enterprise Linux (WBEL), we strongly recommend that you upgrade to CentOS 4.7 before installing this release.